Frequently Asked Questions


You can register for a maximum of four workshops. There will be two timeslots each day. Two on saturday and two on sunday.

No, the ticket is valid for the whole weekend.

A minimum age of 14 years is required to participate. There are no other age restrictions.

This year we do not offer a workshop specifically for beginners. Some workshops are aimed at participants from all levels of experience. Therefore also beginners can participate. However, own training experience or being sporty in general will be advantageous.

You can register for the individual workshops through the ticket shop. After you have added the ticket to your shopping cart an clicked on “Continue”, the selection of  workshops will be displayed as “Additional Items”.

When booking tickets, the selected workshop spots are reserved until the booking is completed. If someone does not complete the booking in time, reserved seats may become available again. So maybe try again a little bit later.

It is also possible that workshop places become available on site at short notice. Talk to the Orga-Team if you have an urgent wish for a change. We will see what is possible, but of course we can’t guarantee anything.

If you want to switch the booked workshops you have to find someone with whom you can change your place. If you do so, please inform the Orga-Team at the event about the swap.

There are no tickets for individual workshops because we want to enable exchange between all participants. We would therefore be happy if you participate for the entire event.

Event Process

The number of participants in each workshop is limited to a maximum of 20. If a workshop is fully booked it will be visible during the booking procedure.

Yes, there is a maximum of 80 tickets available for the whole event.

Unfortunately we cannot provide catering at this years event. Please organise lunch individually and bring something for the BBQ if you want to participate on sunday evening. There are some supermarkets close to the event location, but they are only open on saturday, so keep that in mind.

There will be two open Jams at the event. One Jam is on friday afternoon (starting approximately 5 or 6 pm). The other Jam is planned for sunday starting at 4 pm.


Yes, the event will take place every year at about the same time.

Just write an e-mail to .

As with any sport, there are inherent dangers in the practice of Parkour. All participants declare by agreeing to the disclaimer in the online registration process as well as by their participation in the Urban Gathering (UGA) that they are aware that Parkour can be a dangerous sport and that they are aware of the risks. Participation is exclusively at your own risk and your own responsibility. Neither the coaches nor Parkour Berlin e.V. and Fußgänger e.V. as organizers are liable for any damages of the participants.

Each participant of the Urban Gahthering (UGA) has to show the greatest possible consideration for other participants and to behave in such a way that there is no danger for him/herself or third parties. He/she must also take into account that he/she could be endangered by other participants and must take appropriate precautions on his/her own responsibility.