Connecting Parkour & Handstands

Émilie Bleser

In my workshop, after a warm-up and some handstand basics, we will look at a few movements that have one thing in common: You're moving on one or two hands (over a shorter or longer distance).
We will then work on integrating these newly leart moves into lines. Maybe you will even find your own variations and share them with the others.
So the goal of the session is to expand your movement repertoire for future lines by a few funky moves 😊
Basic handstand experience is helpful, but not necessary.

Hi! My name is Émilie Bleser, I'm 22 years old and from tiny Luxemburg where I started training Parkour 10 years ago. I spend most of my time at parkour parks, in climbing/bouldering gyms or coaching (parkour & fitness). In between I sometimes also work on my (distance) study ;)
What has shaped my training the most are the founding of the Kaizen Parkour Academy and a cruciate ligament rupture in 2020.