Find Your Flow

Elisabeth Ziemowski

Sometimes it can be hard to flow, especially when you haven't found your own style yet. In this workshop, I want to join you on your search for your own flow. How can you best link together moves? How can you get out of a creative dead end? And how can you *really* make it flow?

Hey, my name is Elisabeth Ziemowski, but just call me Eli :)
I am 26 years old and come from Ulm (Germany), where I fell in love with parkour seven years ago.
Now I am a chairwoman of our parkour club "Streets e.V." in Ulm, but I spend most of my time in my place of study, Hildesheim, where I coach parkour.
My motto is: Everyone can do parkour!
I became interested in flow after a nasty injury that limited my training options. Since then I couldn't stop flowing! :)