Flow Jail – A game to improve flow

Minh Vu Ngoc

You're trapped! The only chance to escape is FLOW.
This movement game is primarily about fluidly connecting and linking movements and movement sequences.
You have to be creative and improvise, act and react quickly, assess the situation and adapt - all without losing your FLOW.
We want to expand our repertoire and palette of movements by focusing on the little details - Step sequences, take-offs, landings, transitions, direction changes, etc.
The workshop is suited for people with all levels of experience.

Minh has been an active member of the Berlin Parkour community for over 15 years. At ParkourONE Berlin he has gained a lot of coaching experience & regularly teaches different Parkour classes. Technical challenges and fluid movement are the focus of his own training. He is now joining the UGA for the third time by once again offering a workshop for the Parkour community.