Movement exploration

Kevin Franzén

In this workshop I will teach and speak about how I come up with new ideas, explore movement, and variate my choice of moves.
The workshop will focus specifically, but no solely, on altering repetitions. For example, the athlete will choose and demonstrate a move, then I will encourage them to do it again, but this time altering something. As an example, adding a 180 to a backhand spring from a block.
The workshop will dive deeply into exploring and extending on ideas and movement which the athletes already feel comfortable with. This results in that the athlete comes away with a fresh perspective of looking at movement, and spots.

Hi, I’m Kevin!

A 21 year old parkour athlete from Sweden. I’ve been training parkour since 2013 and has since travelled all across the globe for training.

I’m also a co-founder of the parkour-based company “KIPA”, which I run alongside with my best friends.

I’ve been coaching for over 4 years, and currently run the parkour gym “AirWipp Academy” in Helsingborg, Sweden.

One of my favourite things to do, is to explore movement. I love trying new things and sharing ideas with other people. I look forward to sharing ideas with you! :)