Spice up your lines 🌶️

Ferdinand Winkler

My workshop is about spicing up your lines with little variations.
I want to give you new ideas for your combos by looking at some of the most basic moves like step vault, reverse, macaco etc. and how to make them more interesting.
One example for this is the “hyper” landing (Adding about 90 degrees to the complete landing stance, so you can land on the other leg), which you can apply to pretty much every trick. These little changes open up many new options for your combos. 
This workshop could be interesting for those, who are used to “A to B lines”
or just want some new moves and connections in their flows.

Level: Beginner+Intermediate

My Name is Ferdinand and I’ve been training Pk for over 10 years.
I grew up in a small town in East Germany, where my best spots were a variation of curbs and maybe a rail, If I’m lucky, which is one reason for why my style is more flip and twist based and leans a bit into tricking.
Right now teaching parkour is one of my biggest passions and I’m happy to share that with you!