Funky Flow and moving out of the box

Juliana Kulczycka

The workshop is about a creative exchange of peculiar movements that you may not even know yourself yet or that look a bit unusual, which is why you haven't tried them yet.
The aim is to expand your own movement inventory and to inspire each other
By expanding your movement inventory, you have many more opportunities to improve or find your flow.
And since there is no right or wrong, it's all level friendly :)

My name is Juli, I’m 21 years old and I’ve been teaching parkour for 7 years. Right now I’m a coach at Die Halle Hamburg teaching classes of all ages (5-18+). Being creative and rolling around is what I enjoy the most but I’m also open for mental Challenges.
I’m excited to meet new people and to train in Berlin.
Looking forward to all the cool moves people already know.